Vat, Tax & Duty

VAT is charged at the current rate of 23%. The website allows you to view the prices Inclusive and Exclusive of VAT. The default view is Inclusive of VAT. VAT is the amount we have to give to The Office of the Revenue Commissioners on everything we sell that is VATable. So the VAT you pay goes directly to the State. If you are a VAT registered company you will be able to reclaim VAT.


When do you pay VAT and how much?

Each EU country has its own rates of VAT. In Ireland the effective rate for Trophies and Medals is 23%. Visit for more information on VAT in Ireland.


How VAT is worked out

When someone charges you VAT they multiply the original ('net') price of the item or service by the VAT rate to calculate the amount of VAT to charge. They then add the VAT amount to the net price to give the 'gross' price - the price you pay.

VAT on bills and receipts. Most retail prices on bills and receipts include VAT - it is not shown separately. However some may have a line under which they show the VAT element. This doesn't mean you're being charged extra - it just shows how much of the price is made up of tax.